The European Club is hosting a variety of events, both recurring and spontaneous. Our signature events include the weekly pubtour, the bi-annual wine and cheese reception, and the traditional summer programs. In addition the Club has hosted events in the past as diverse as restaurant nights, picnics, museum visits, and screenings of the Eurovision Song Contest. Our biggest and most successful event is the annual European Career Fair

If you'd like to participate in an event, check out the events calendar and contact the event organizer. You can also join our events mailing list to be always updated.

And if you'd like to organize an event, you can create an event here. You can also request funding for an event. Funding requests will be reviewed by the Executive Board ahead of the event.

Here a short video about our last Wine and Cheese reception!

Placebo concert

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Hi rock fans!

Would you like to go check out a really good, British rock band?

Placebo is an English rock band, formed in London in 1994 and consists of singer-guitarist Brian Molko, guitarist-bassist Stefan Olsdal and drummer Steve Forrest. To date, they have released seven and have sold around 11 million records worldwide. They released their new album Loud Like Love on 16 September 2013.

I plan on going and would love for some more rock fans to join.

The concert is on Sunday the 12th of October 2014 at 7pm at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, which is right at the Pleasant St. T-stop (green line). There is a cafe near by called Blue State Coffee and I suggest that we meet there at 6pm for refreshments and a chat before the concert and then go together to the venue.

Tickets are sold online at $38 ( or directly at the Paradise Box Office ($30 no overhead fee).

However, as part of the European Club Activities you can get the ticket subsidized by $10!

The event is open to everyone but the discount is limited to 10 people on a first come first serve basis

If you want to join and claim your discount, please register by email to no later than September 22th. I will respond you and let you know if you made it in the first 10!  You will then buy the ticket and I'll reimburse you of your 10$ when you hand me your ticket receipt.

Hope to see you,


Visit to Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


Dear all,

The MIT Euroclub is organizing a visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum this Saturday, September 13.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum displays an art collection of world importance, including works that rank among the most significant of their type. Isabella Stewart Gardner collected and carefully displayed a collection comprised of more than 2,500 objects—paintings, sculpture, furniture, textiles, drawings, silver, ceramics, illuminated manuscripts, rare books, photographs and letters—from ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Italy, Asia, the Islamic world and 19th-century France and America. Built to evoke a 15th-century Venetian palace, the Museum itself provides an atmospheric setting for Isabella Stewart Gardner's inventive creation. Check website for further information

Here the details for the visit:
There will be 10 spots on a first come first served basis. Admission is FREE for students with a valid student ID various universities including MIT and Harvard. LUNCH will be subsidized by the MIT Euroclub in the Café G of the Museum. ($8 subsidy per person).  We will meet in front of the museum at 11 am on Saturday, 9/13.

to RSVP for this event:

1) register here:

2) email

Looking forward to seeing you guys!



Nahant Picnic

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Dear Euroclubbers,

I am organizing a bicycle excursion to Nahant this

Saturday, September 13th.

Nahant is a peninsula formed by two joint islands that are connected to the main land by a dam, located in Lynn bay, a few miles north of Boston. It covers a total of 3 square kilometers and reaches an elevation of 15m above sea level. Although 15 meters doesn't sound like much, Nahant is very hilly and the bike ride over the island has to be considered intermediate to strenuous. This bike trip is not suited for beginners.

We will start out at MIT's Stata center at 10am (at the intersection of Vassar and Main Streets, between the Koch cancer center and the STATA entrance). From there we will ride through the newly opened connector bikeway from North Point park to the Aquarium and pass by North Station. From the Aquarium we will take the blue line to East Boston. Finally, we will go up along the shoreline to Lynn bay were we reach the dam to Nahant after a total of 11 miles.

On Nahant, we will sit together for a nice picnic on the premises of the Northeastern University Marine Science Center, a place that offers spectacular views over the shoreline of Cape Ann. After the picnic we will ride our bikes to Nahant's legendary 40-steps beach. This beach is a pebble beach, accessible only through wooden stairs. The 40 steps lead to an enclosed bay were warm seawater gets trapped during the summer to offer an exceptional ocean swim experience to its visitors. We can swim across the bay, climb out of the water and jump in off the cliffs - it's spectacular! There are no changing rooms at 40-steps beach. Please be advised to bring a large towel for changing clothes the American way.

After the swim we will go to "Tides Restaurant and Pub" for refreshments and bathroom break, Nahant's only restaurant.

For the ride back, exhausted riders may opt to take the commuter rail from Lynn Station into Boston, or may want to ride the Blue Line from Wonderland into town. Alternatively, riders are welcome to join me on the 17-mile return ride back to MIT.

The excursion will take around 5-6 hours, depending on how much time we choose to spend at picnic and swim. We should reach Boston just before dusk.

Please bring:
- your bike, helmet and headlight
- bike repair kit in case of flat tire (there hasn't been a single bike ride without equipment breaking!)
- items to share for picnic (keep in mind: hummus goes well with everything except hummus)
- bathing suit, towel and sunscreen
- some cash
- plenty of water

The weather forecast for Saturday is warm and sunny, ideal for a bike ride and swim.

Due to practical considerations this trip is limited to 15 participants. Priority will be given to MIT students.
If you are interested in joining the bike ride, please

1) RSVP here:

We strongly recommend you provide your cell phone number for contacting you before and during the trip, should it become necessary.

2) email

For the European Club Executive Board,

Wednesday Coffee Hour

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Meet the European Club!

Let's meet tomorrow at Stata Cafe at 3pm for our first fortnightly coffee break.

Coffee breaks will be every other Wednesday, at 3pm. The Club will provide free cookies!

We will be sitting near the coffee shop, at the low tables around the MIT libraries cubicle. Look for the "European Club" sign on the table!

This coffee hour is a perfect opportunity to meet with current EC members, as well as interested newbies and learn more about club's exciting upcoming events!

Only thing you need to do is meet with us tomorrow at 3pm at Stata Cafe, buy your drink and enjoy EC's delicious cookie treats for you!

Hope to see you there,



Skydive tandem jumping

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Dear thrill seekers,

Have you ever desired to experience the freefall at more than 100 miles per hour?
This is your opportunity to finally make it!
Can you think a better way to start the academic year?

The MIT Euroclub, in collaboration with the MIT Skydiving Club, is organizing a skydive tandem jump event for the MIT community.
Here are the details:
1) 10 spots - first comes first serve - are open to MIT-affiliates only. You need to have a valid MIT-ID card to be considered MIT-affiliates. You will need to bring your MIT-ID the day of the jump in addition to the regular ID (passport/state ID). No IDs no jump.
2) 2 spots are available - first comes first serve - to no MIT-affiliates. You need to bring your regular ID (passport/state ID) as well.

On Sep 6th we will meet at 77 Mass avenue, Cambridge (on the front steps of the Rogers Building)
The transportation is organized by the EC and the Skydiving club, and it will be at no cost for you.

If you are at least 18 years old of age and your weight is no more than 225 pounds,
follow these steps  to be part of the crew:
1) contact me at to reserve your spot.
2) pay directly to me 75$  and send me your Liability Waiver forms by August 30th; I will email you the instructions and the forms after you signed up. If I don't receive your payment and the forms by August 30th I will contact the next person on the list. This is not negotiable. (The forms will waive EC and the Skydiving Club from any liability; you will sign other forms at the Pepperell Center.)

On the day of the jump you will pay the remaining $95.
The total  price will be $170 instead of regular $240, thanks to both the EC and the Skydiving club help!
Moreover, you are not going to pay any expenses for the trip ( so you will save additional $30, more or less)

Please read carefully the following webpage which states the rules to comply in order to have a skydive tandem jump, you can also find information about the skydive center we are going to : .

Looking forward to meeting you,


Discover Historic Walden Pond

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Walden Pond by bike or train

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 30th

Everyone is invited to go for a good swim in Walden Pond. Walden Pond, famous for Henry Thoreau, is a great destination to go to—to relax, visit Thoreau’s cabin, and to walk around the 1.6 mile pond.

We will meet at 12pm at the Concord train station.

How to get there:

Option 1: Take the commuter rail train from North Station (see details below)

Option 2: Join the bike ride from Alewife Station: We are going to ride our bikes along the famous MinuteMan bike path and extension path straight into Concord. We will meet at 10:15am outside the Bertucci's restaurant at Alewife Station. If you want to join the bike ride, please email sven.loebrich[at]euroclub[dot]mit[dot]edu

The ride is easy and should be doable for any level of experience. However, keep in mind that it's a 30 mile ride round trip. Bikers have the option of taking the commuter rail back to Boston.

For non-bikers: Please be aware that you can to take the outbound commuter rail train from North Station to Concord at 11:15am. The train will take you to Concord at 11:58am.

After the swim, we will go, around 3pm, for a pizza to Concord center. Since the next train to Boston leaves at 5:48pm, we will be ready to depart around 5pm.
This is a great opportunity for those who haven't been to Concord and Walden Pond to enjoy the picturesque views of the town and the pond, renowned for Thoreau and other great writers.

We will leave towards the Concord Train Station at around 5pm, since the next train from Concord to Boston departs at 5:48pm.( The train schedule did not list the time when the train from Concord arrives to Boston).

For those who want to go swimming, please bring with you a swim suit and a towel. For more information on the event and similar events, please see the following website:

To RSVP for this event please:

1) fill out the European Club Event Registration Form

2) email: tiraandrea1[at]hotmail[dot]com

I look forward to meeting you all!

Indoor rocking climbing

post image

Rock climbing event to initiate newcomers and a chance for experienced climbers to meet up and
discover a new climbing gym in Boston. We are going to focus on bouldering and auto-belay but
if you are an experienced top rope climber you are free to explore that too. Just that you will
need a partner to belay you.

This is a social sport where you learn by watching others and dicussing techniques.

Bouldering: low height climbing without ropes. Shoes on, shirts off and go!! Good training
to build up strength and technique. More interesting if you like problem solving or strength
training. Main risk is palm tendon injury if you try very violent jumps. You will only be
able to try those once you are reasonably good. This can be very obsessive and there is a
lot of problem solving involved. You can get started on the easiest route with virtually
no technique and 5 minute tutorial on "what not to do".

Auto-belay: higher walls with ropes anchored to the top of the wall. Longer climbs test stamina
more than strength. Requires some technique, easy routes are like climbing a ladder, harder ones
are like climbing a broken ladder. Simulates climbing on natural rocks. Main risk comes from
panicking when you are a bit high.

Why should you try this?

Ladies: are you upset that guys in the gym try giving you unsolicited advice on form? This is your
chance to show that you are stronger than the meanest bodybuilders. But this still won't cause
you to bulk up.

Guys: you may have been training for years and you can do tens of pull ups, but you have never
exercised some muscles. Which ones are those?

Brooklyn Boulders
12A Tyler St
Somerville, MA 02143
(see Directions and Parking on website)

Day pass: $18 (students) and $22 (non-students)
Shoe rental: $5
If you are going to BrookylnBoulders for the first time, you have to pay extra $5 orientation.

Discount: Euroclub will try to bring the cost of day pass down to $10-12; depending upon attendence.


We need around 8-10 people to book the event. Please follow these steps if you want to attend:
(1) Fill in the European Club Event Registration
(2) Send an email to gchauras[at]mit[dot]edu
(3) Show up on D-day.

Beach trip to Singing Beach

post image

Hi Euroclubbers,

It’s summer time in Boston, let’s make the most of it and join us for a Beach trip to the beautiful Singing Beach in Manchester, MA. Let’s meet on Saturday July 26th at 12pm at the North station train platform to Rockport/Newbury. You can buy your train ticket at the station (one-way $9.25 for zone 6) or pay cash on board (one-way $12.25). The train leaves sharp at 12.15pm and we’ll arrive in Manchester by 1pm. From there it’s just a 10min walk to Singing Beach, which also features a small canteen/snack stand as well as men and women’s restrooms and showers. The beach walk on fee is $5.

Bring a towel, swim trunks, picnic blanket, sunscreen, Frisbee, beach tennis, and snacks to share!

After a nice afternoon at the beach we’ll head back around 5pm and you can join us for drinks and free appetizers at “La Casa De Luis”, a Mexian restaurant right next to the train station. They have a nice patio so we can enjoy the evening sun a bit more smile From there we’ll take the train back to North station at 7.50pm. Alternative hours are 5.30pm or 10pm.

Important: Alternative rain date is Sunday July 27th.

To register, please follow these two steps:

1) RSVP here: European Club Events Registration

2) email christina.galonska[at]gmail[dot]com

Looking forward to meeting you guys smile


Hidden Wonders of Rockport

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Discover the Hidden Wonders of Historic Rockport

Now that we are approaching the month of August, what is better to do than to relax on the beach or go sea kayaking, surfing, etc...?

Well, on Saturday, July 19th everyone is invited to go to historic Rockport to relax on the beach, tour around the picturesque little town and harbor, and to do some sea kayaking. The meeting will be at 1:30 pm at the Rockport train station. Once everyone meets, we will head to the harbor, tour the town, and then we will go to the beach. Please don't forget to bring your bathing suits and sun screen!

Afterward, for those who are interested to go sea kayaking, after 4:00 pm you can get a good discount at the local boat rentals shop. The cost for renting for two hours a kayak is $20 per person. Sea kayaking is optional; for those who choose not to go sea kayaking may always stay on the beach and relax or tour the town and get a delicious ice cream.
The train back to North station leaves at around 5:10pm and 7:30pm.  Since you can only get the discount for renting a kayak at after 4:00pm, you can choose to take the 7:30pm train instead of the 5:10pm train.

Have a great summer and I am looking forward to meeting you all!

To register for this event, please complete the two-step process:

1) Fill out this form: European Club Event Registration

2) Contact Tira directly via email at: 

For more information on this event and on other similar events, please check this website:

Midnight Bike-athon

post image

Dear EuroClubbers,


Join us for an outstanding biking event: On the eve of the Boston Marathon we will ride our bikes along the designated Marathon Route.

Originated from a private undertaking a few years back this event has grown to attract as many as 700 bikers in the past!

The route is - obviously - 41 km long (that's about 28 miles) and covers some hilly terrain. Therefore this ride is for experienced bikers only.

Last year, MBTA provided a special commuter rail train that brought 300 bikers to the start line in Hopkinton, MA. This year, MBTA has withdrawn that support. However, the European Club has organized a private charter bus that can bring 30 riders (and their bikes) to Hopkinton. The bus fare is $20 per person, including the bike.

The bus will leave from MIT campus at 9:30pm SHARP. The bus will bring us to Hopkinton, MA from where we will ride our bikes, leaving with the general crowd at 11pm. The ride will take anywhere between 3 and 4 hours.

It will be dark, therefore every rider MUST have a white front light and a red back light. In addition, helmet lights are recommended, as well as reflective strips, jackets or pants.

Every rider must wear a helmet and bring minimal repair kit - so you won't end up sitting in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere if you have a flat tire...

If you are interested in attending, please email

For the European Club Executive Board,


LGBT Film Fest

post image

Dear EuroClubbers,


Join us for a hallmark LGBT event in New England: The Boston LGBT Film Festival!

The festival features a variety of LGBT-themed movies in different locations throughout Boston and Cambridge.

For the full program, please visit:

The European Club cordially invites you to join us for two movies:

1) The movie "The 10-Year Plan", at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square. This movie is being screened on Friday, April 4th, at 7:00pm

2) The Men's Short Films, a series of gay-themed short films, at the Museum of Fine Arts. This session is on Saturday, April 5th, at 1:30pm

Tickets are $12 and $11, respectively. However, the European Club Board has agreed to subsidize the first 10 tickets so they will only cost $5. First come-first serve strictly applies.

If you are interested in joining for either or both events, please email


For the European Club Executive Board,


Private Piano Concerto

post image

Join us in celebrating Valentine's weekend!

With an evening of music at 190 Boston Street, South Boston.

French pianist Sylvain Carpentier is going to perform. The program includes works of Back, Chopin, Rachmaninov and Liszt.

The event is free of charge, but voluntary contributions in form of snacks and beverages are encouraged!

The program begins at 8pm. All are welcome!

If you are interested in attending, please email tomasinoz[at]aol[dot]com

Nearest T-stops are Andrew or JFK UMass on the Red Line.

Best, Tom

Killington Ski Trip

post image

Let's go Skiing !

Feb 7-9 2014 Killington Weekend

This phenomenal offer includes:

       • 2 nights lodging at the Inn of Six Mountains (double Occupancy).  You may need to share a  full/queen bed
       • Indoor Pool, Fitness Center, Lounge. hot tubs
       • 2 Full Breakfast
       • 2 Day Lift Ticket at Killington
       • Hotel is located on the Mtn Rd, a mile from lifts
       • All taxes and service charges are included
       • Area shuttle picks up at hotel, $2 a day

The hotel:

The mountain:

$285 per person by 1/8/2014 (if available)
$300 per person by 1/15/2014 (if available)
$325 per person until 1/22/2014 (unlikely to be available)

Does NOT include :  Food, drinks, transportation, rentals, lessons

Warning, there are a very limited number of spaces available so this trip is expected to sell out soon!!!  Also, we will need drivers or people willing to rent a car.  If you do not have a car, expect to reimburse the driver for expenses - expected to be $50 per person plus or minus

[Note from European Club Board: The Board has decided to help fund this trip. We will reimburse the gas for up to 4 cars, as long as a minimum of 3 people are riding together on both outbound and return trips. First come, first serve strictly applies. SL]

Please use the link to sign up.

For questions contact Vijay on vijaym[at]yahoo[dot]com


Twelfth Night


Hi EuroClubbers, 

As you know, Monday, January 6 is Little Christmas/ Three Kings/ Epiphany/ Twelfth Night, etc.  Since this is the official last day of the Christmas season,  I am having my annual party to bring it all to a close. 

There will be the traditional gluewein, food, desserts and music.  My invitation to the EC is for anyone who would like to participate. 

If you'd like to join, please contact me at tomasinoz[at]aol[dot]com so that I know how many to expect. 

We will begin at 7:30pm.  The nearest T stops are Andrew or JFK/UMass on the Red Line. 



Discover Ledendary Salem


Discover Legendary Salem


Dear Euro Club Members,

Now is the time to discover Salem, the one and only historic town in America that is notorious for its dark history of witch hunting, the spell-binding muse that has inspired the legendary literary genius Nathaniel Hawthorne to write his famous novel “The House of the Seven Gables, and for being the tourist hot spot for the ongoing Halloween season.

On Sunday, October 27th, everyone is invited to visit Salem and to revisit the past through the traditional costume carnival. The meeting will be at one o’clock at the Salem Train Station. Once we meet, we will first head to the Witch Museum to learn about the history of the “Salem Witch Trials of 1692.” The entrance fee to enter this museum costs nine dollars—so, please remember to bring along with you some cash.

Afterwards, we will take a small break and have some coffee, and then we will head towards Nathaniel Hawthorne’s legendary home “The House of the Seven Gables.” One the way to Hawthorne’s home, you will see many dark puritan houses of this time period—so, please bring your camera as you will have the opportunity to see lots of fantastic historical sites!

For those who are interested to attend the event, please contact me via email at

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Best Regards,




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