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About the MIT European Club

Our club is one of the largest, most diverse and most active student activities at MIT. We currently have about 300 full members and more than 2800 associate members. Most of us are Europeans, but we also come from pretty much all other parts of the world. While the larger part of our members are graduate students and visiting scholars on a graduate level, it would not be fair to say we are just a graduate student group, because many of us are PostDocs, Visiting Scientists and also undergrads. We have a tradition of organizing a variety of events.


Some have become a tradition in themselves. For example, in the Fall, we go on a three-day hiking and foliage trip to New Hampshire or Vermont. We also have a downhill ski weekend in January and a cross-country ski trip in February. In March we pay a visit to the Big Apple (New York). On Memorial Day weekend in May, we drive to Maine or upstate New York for white-water rafting. And we always gather in front of the Charles River on July 4th for a picnic day with the most impressive firework background New England has to offer.

During the term, we also treat ourselves to shorter excursions to various interesting places in New England, like Newport or Salem. In addition, we go for bicycle tours around Boston and organize museum visits, concert tours and other cultural events. But of course, we also host several on-campus events each term, such as barbecues and parties. Among them are the illustrious wine & cheese parties, which alone are already reason enough for many to join the club. All this comes on top of a number of regular events: On our popular weekly Pub Tours, we get to visit together a different pub or brewery each week. Some more abstemious members added "Coffeehouse Tours" to popular caf├ęs in the area.


At the club we also have a liking for sports, and we have teams in intramural sports, like soccer and volleyball. Check them out, or tell us about your sport! The European Club is also the organizer of the annual European Career Fair at MIT, which is already established as a major recruiting event and a unique venue for companies seeking top people from the world-class universities of Greater Boston. The Career Fair is our approach to overcome the difficulties of finding a job in Europe. For information on the upcoming Career Fair please visit our web-site.

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A final note about the Club: all the fun that we provide is the result of our members participation, and very importantly, the initiative of a bunch of us who take the lead and put the act together. Do you want to organize an event at the Club? It's a lot fun, and we can help you! Do get in touch with us!



Do you want to suggest an event? Or organize one? The Euroclub can help!